Change the target of th table hyperlinks to open in a new window

One of the most frequently asked question is how to make a hyperlink to open in a new window or tab. Tabulizer does not have a built-in support for that, but you can use the modification function sethreftarget that is described in this tutorial. It takes a single argument which is the hyperlink target that can be one of the following:

Creating and editing rules using a plain text editor.

Tabulizer is using plain text files to store all the ruleset information. What this means is that using a plain text editor you could add new rulesets and rules, remove or modify existing ones. This method is recommended only to power users as editing ruleset files directly, without the safety net of the online wizard or the backend environment makes it easy to break everything.

RSS Feeds with URL parameters

In another article we explained how Tabulizer can be used as a powerful RSS feed reader. In this article we will show how to use user parameters, for the purpose of customizing the RSS feed URL. As a result, with a single data source we will be able to read multiple feeds that vary only in a few parameters. The ideal example for that is the RSS feed from which gives localized weather information.