Change the error reporting in Joomla

Error reporting is a very important tool when it comes to debugging an application, but it's not very useful and it can be considered a bad practice from a security standpoint when the site moves to the production stage.

How to edit ruleset's CSS file

While working with rulesets, at some points you may want to modify its companion CSS file. This is the file that keeps all table styling, so if you change it all tables created with this ruleset will be affected.

Setting the width of table columns

One of the things you may want to do is to set the width of individual columns, lets say the width of the 1st column and the 5th column. One other scenario is to set the width of all columns to be equal. Below we explain how you can do that.

Troubleshooting installation issues on Joomla

Installing Tabulizer on Joomla is simple as installing any other simple extension, since all elements (component, plugins) are contained in a single installation file. The only thing you need to pay attention to is to install the proper installation file, using the following guidelines:

Append code (HTML + Javascript) to your tables

Sometimes you want to add some extra functionality to your ruleset that requires Javascript code. With the most recent versions of Tabulizer, this can be easily achieved by adding the required javascript code as file and prepending/appending any necessary HTML code using a simple table rule.