Ruleset = Table Template

Well, not exactly, because a ruleset is much more than a styling preset! Apart from styling rules a ruleset can contain rules for data formatting, text replacements, simple calculations and much more. Read More ...

Custom ruleset specifically for you!

At Alterora we understand that not everybody is a web designer. So, if you want us to create a custom ruleset specifically for your needs, you can send us your requirements and we will get back to you with an estimated fee and delivery date. If that is OK with you we will proceed and we will send it to you once it's completed.

The fee for a custom ruleset and the delivery date depends on the complexity of the request.

Here is how you can describe your requirements:

  1. Use a sample table in Word/Excel
  2. Use an existing table in a web page
  3. Use specific text descriptions, similar to "header row: font size: 12px, bold, background color: black (or #000000), font color: white (or #FFFFFF), padding left: 5px; border bottom: 1px grey line". This option is more appropriate for web designers who can describe very accurately what they want but they don't want to go through the learning curve of Tabulizer and how to create custom rulesets by themselves.

You can send your request for a custom ruleset to