Responsive Scrolling - What to know

In this article we discuss some issues that arise when you want to add scrolling to your table. Generally speaking, scrolling is useful when the "container area" is smaller than the "content area". In such cases the scrollbars allow you to view the part of the content that "overflows", as shown in the images below:

How to add a table header row(s)

One frequently asked question is how to add header rows to a table that is produced by a database query.
for instance, let's assume that you want to display a list of articles with the following query:

Loading data to your table from another database/server

Tabulizer offers you the possibility to display the results of a database query into a table, by creating a data source of type "Database Table/Query" where you have defined the query. This works well for queries that are executed on the same database as the Joomla site, but how about if you wanted to execute a query on a different database or even on a remove server?

Tutorial on merging columns, rows or both

Tabulizer allows you to automatically merge neighboring cells easily with a single autospan rule. Depending on which element this rule is applied, the merging takes place on the same row (colspan), on the same column (rowspan) or both. Let's look at some examples to demonstrate these ideas.