Sorting on 2nd row, excluding certain columns

Starting from version 4.1 you can add sorting controls not only on the top row, but on the 2nd, the 3rd, etc. You can also set the size of the header that will define which rows do not take part in the sorting operations. Not only that, but you can also exclude certain columns from having sorting controls, as we show in the example below:

Table filtering on selected columns

With Tabulizer v4.1 you can add search/filtering controls that will search specific columns, instead of the whole table. On top of that, you can give in the page URL a value that will act as the initial value for the column(s) search filter.

Remove table rows or columns based on user criteria

Tabulizer 4.1 bring an existing new feature that allows you to remove specific rows and columns based on user criteria, such as:

  • Remove all rows that in the 1st column contain a date less than a given date threshold.
  • Remove all rows that in the 4th column contain a given text.
  • Remove all rows that in 1,2,5 columns have a numeric value less than 0.