How to make a graph resizable or responsive

Starting with version 4.1 Tabulizer allows you to create responsive and/or resizable graphs. Resizable means that you can drag the lower corner of the graph chart and change its size, while responsive means that it will change its size automatically when the browser's size changes (to fit the available screen size). This is very useful if you want to adjust or "respond" to different devices (desktop, tablets, smartphones, etc).

How to download or email table data as file

Tabulizer allows you to make a table downloadable with a single rule. This is very useful in cases where you want the users/visitors to be able to download the table data as CSV or Excel file. Using the Export Table rule, which is available for the table element, you can specify if the site use can download or email the table data as a file.

Case study: Using the modification function and data sources with user defined parameters

Tabulizer 4.1 introduced some really cool features that we will demonstrate in this article using a real life example.
Let's start by stating the client's requirements:

  1. The product listing is contained in an Excel file, where each row corresponds to a single product, as shown in the figure below:
  2. The product info needs to be transferred to the site and presented as a table (one table per product).
  3. If the product info changes on the Excel file, the associated table needs to be updated as well.

Joomla editor contents are removed or modified on save

If after saving the article something is missing (or changed), this is an indication that there is a Joomla plugin or an editor plugin that modifies the contents of the editor on the "save event". This could be done for three reasons:

  1. for security purposes to remove unwanted or suspicious code (typical case is to remove all javascript code).
  2. to add automatically HTML formatting/styling (e.g. automatically change the padding of the table cells or the alignment of the images).
  3. a third-party Joomla extension is doing some other custom work.

If after inserting the html code produced by Tabulizer popup window you notice some changes in the contents of your Joomla editor after clicking on the Save/Apply button, it means that your editor's contents are getting modified during the save action. To be 100% sure it is recommended that you copy-paste the HTML contents of the editor (toggle editor to view it's source code) before and after saving the article and mark the differences (if any).