Tabulizer's RSS Feed Module

What it does

Tabulizer's RSS Feed Module offers a convenient way to display an RSS Feed that you have constructed via a use of Tabulizer's data source.

How it works

You simply select the desired data source from the list of available data sources, as shown below:

That's it! The rest of the parameters, are the standard Joomla module parameters. If you want to create a new data source of type RSS Feed Reader, please read Tabulizer's documentation, including the following tutorials:

Note: RSS Feeds are not limited to module positions, but they can be displayed everywhere, including Joomla articles and 3rd party extensions using data source tags. Use the Data Source Tags editor's button to generate and insert the tag.


What makes Tabulizer a unique solution when it comes to reading RSS feeds is its extensibility. You can have an unlimited number of rules, each corresponding to a separate feature, to fine tune your reader and do things like:

  • Add pagination and filtering
  • Highlight items that contain certain words
  • Remove items that contain certain words
  • Limit the number of news items, characters per description, show or hide included images, optionally strip html tags or not and so on
  • Add your own headers/extra rows
  • Combine feeds from various sources (no limit)
  • Use URL parameters to customize the RSS Feed URL.
  • Choose the format of the published date or hide the published date
  • Style the resulting table any way you want. No more limited styling presets.
  • Make it responsive to fit well in smaller resolution screens (smart phones and tablets).
  • Enable caching, so the feed is displayed faster
  • Support for UTF-8 and other encodings
  • Add resulting output anywhere you wish (articles, posts, pages, modules, plugins, 3rd party extensions, etc). Just add the data source tag you are ready to go.
  • Developers (or anyone with limited knowledge of PHP) have the freedom to do anything they want with the use of modification functions.


Just look at the right and bottom side of this page. It displays two RSS Feeds:

  • The first one from Google News (Top Stories).
  • The second one is from the same source, but pagination has been added.

Top Stories - Google News
The UN's Darkest Hour - Bloomberg
Posted at 23.09.2018 12:00:49
BloombergThe UN's Darkest HourBloombergIf the United Nations were a stock or an index fund, you might want to short it. Founded in 1945 to “maintain international peace and security,” the UN in recent years has been mostly powerless to stop slaughter in Syria, Yemen and Myanmar. Civil ...
Do the Democrats Have a Post-Kavanaugh, Post-Midterm Game Plan? - The New Yorker
Posted at 23.09.2018 05:04:36
The New YorkerDo the Democrats Have a Post-Kavanaugh, Post-Midterm Game Plan?The New YorkerFor a President whose Supreme Court pick was in serious jeopardy last week, Donald Trump seemed, at least initially, almost blasé. As he left the White House, on Wednesday, to survey the hurricane damage in North Carolina, he said that it was “very ...
Trump's trade war with China just got a whole lot bigger - CNN
Posted at 24.09.2018 00:07:00
CNNTrump's trade war with China just got a whole lot biggerCNN(CNN) The trade fight between the United States and China intensified Monday as the two economic superpowers hit each other with their biggest round of tariffs yet. The Trump administration imposed new 10% tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese goods just ...
After Florence, thousands of dead fish wash ashore — onto a highway - Washington Post
Posted at 23.09.2018 15:27:10
Washington PostAfter Florence, thousands of dead fish wash ashore — onto a highwayWashington PostEven as the water from Hurricane Florence and the flooding that followed finally began to recede, it left behind a poignant — and pungent — reminder of the powerful storm that overwhelmed the Carolinas and turned roads to rivers. Thousands of dead ...
Tiger Tracker: Looking for his first win in five years, follow Woods' Tour Championship final round - USA TODAY
Posted at 23.09.2018 16:43:05
USA TODAYTiger Tracker: Looking for his first win in five years, follow Woods' Tour Championship final roundUSA TODAYTiger Woods has one last chance to notch a win in his most-recent comeback. Tiger is back on the course this weekend at Atlanta's East Lake Golf Club for the Tour Championship, the final PGA Tour event of the year and the finale of the FedExCup Playoffs.Tiger Woods Caps Season With a Win at the Tour ChampionshipWall Street JournalComeback Complete: Tiger Woods Is Victorious At Tour Championship For First Win In 5 YearsTeamUSA.orgTiger's Back! Woods Brings Home First Golf Victory Since -New York Timesall 6,623 news articles »
Patriots' Rob Gronkowski confirms he considered offseason retirement - ESPN
Posted at 24.09.2018 00:07:30
ESPNPatriots' Rob Gronkowski confirms he considered offseason retirementESPNNew England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski confirmed to reporters on Sunday that he considered retiring during the offseason when the team explored trading him to the Detroit Lions. "Yeah, it happened," Gronkowski said after the 26-10 loss to Detroit.The Patriots defense called out the Lions' play before it happenedFor The WinPatriots-Lions: Teacher vs. pupil with a serving of Josh GordonNew York PostDetroit Lions Vs. New England Patriots: Sunday Night Football Week 3 Schedule, Odds, Picks And MoreForbesAP Newsall 1,118 news articles »
The Rebellion at Justice - Wall Street Journal
Posted at 23.09.2018 18:08:00
Wall Street JournalThe Rebellion at JusticeWall Street JournalDonald Trump keeps saying that the November election is a referendum on him, so a key part of the Democratic strategy is feeding the narrative of chaos in the White House: Trump-baiting so he'll overreact. That's probably the best way to look at the ...
'I am frustrated too': Michelle Obama urges voters to register ahead of midterms - The Guardian
Posted at 23.09.2018 22:01:16
The Guardian'I am frustrated too': Michelle Obama urges voters to register ahead of midtermsThe GuardianWhen We All Vote kicks off in Las Vegas with a nonpartisan aim – registration and participation – in highly partisan times. Dan Hernandez in Las Vegas. Sun 23 Sep 2018 22.06 EDT First published on Sun 23 Sep 2018 07.51 EDT. Share on Facebook · Share ...
Ellison again denies abuse as ex-girlfriend's allegations aired during AG debate - Press
Posted at 22.09.2018 00:42:00 PressEllison again denies abuse as ex-girlfriend's allegations aired during AG PressDFL candidate Keith Ellison continued to deny allegations of domestic abuse Friday night, at times fending off questions from both moderators and opponent Doug Wardlow during the first post-primary debate for Minnesota attorney general hosted by TPT's ...