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Demo for Table Filtering

A basic ruleset for table filtering, i.e. search the whole table for the keyphrase.
Sample Tables
RankTimeWind (m/s)AthleteCountryDateLocation
19.58+0.9Usain Bolt Jamaica16 August 2009Berlin
29.69+2.0Tyson Gay United States20 September 2009Shanghai
39.69-0.1Yohan Blake Jamaica23 August 2012Lausanne
49.72+0.2Asafa Powell Jamaica2 September 2008Lausanne
59.78+0.9Nesta Carter Jamaica29 August 2010Rieti
69.79+0.1Maurice Greene United States16 June 1999Athens
79.79+1.5Justin Gatlin United States5 August 2012London
89.80+1.3Steve Mullings Jamaica4 June 2011Eugene
99.82+1.7Richard Thompson Trinidad and Tobago21 June 2014Port of Spain
109.84+0.7Donovan Bailey Canada27 July 1996Atlanta
119.84+0.2Bruny Surin Canada22 August 1999Seville
129.85+1.2Leroy Burrell United States6 July 1994Lausanne
139.85+1.7Olusoji Fasuba Nigeria12 May 2006Ad-Dawhah
149.85+1.3Mike Rodgers United States4 June 2011Eugene
159.86+1.2Carl Lewis United States25 August 1991Tokyo
169.86-0.7Frankie Fredericks Namibia3 July 1996Lausanne
179.86+1.8Ato Boldon Trinidad and Tobago19 April 1998Walnut
189.86+0.6Francis Obikwelu Portugal22 August 2004Athens
199.86+1.4Keston Bledman Trinidad and Tobago23 June 2012Port of Spain
209.87+0.3Linford Christie United Kingdom15 August 1993Stuttgart
219.87-0.2Obadele Thompson [A] Barbados11 September 1998Johannesburg
229.88+1.8Shawn Crawford United States19 June 2004Eugene
239.88+1.0Walter Dix United States8 August 2010Nottwil
249.88+0.9Ryan Bailey United States29 August 2010Rieti
259.88+1.0Michael Frater Jamaica30 June 2011Lausanne